RCTO-WA Shows What Community Activism Can Achieve

2017 was a big year for the Regional Community Treatment Observatory in West Africa.

Since launching in January last year, the RCTO-WA has established all 11 national observatories and the regional observatory. This involved recruitment and training of data collectors in each of the focus countries, development of a project monitoring and evaluation database, and establishment of a partnership with an academic institution to support data quality control.

These achievements and milestones are highlighted in ITPC’s 2017 Annual Review – titled What Community Activism Can Achieve – and shine a much needed spotlight on the progress made in capacity building and community monitoring.

You can read the online summary here and the full annual review (PDF) here.

Over the course of 2018-2019, the RCTO-WA will continue to systematically monitor and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on barriers to access of HIV prevention, treatment and care services. Reports and comparative analyses will be published and made widely available on our Resources page.

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